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Our heat resistant glass

  • is suitable for healthy and safe food preparation
  • is easy to clean and hygienic in use through the pore-free surface
  • offers a variety of application possibilities: baking and cooking, preparing and serving, cooling and freezing (down to -35 ° C)
  • is heat resistant (up to 450 ° C), microwave, microwave grill suitable, dishwasher and stove fit
  • shows a high resistance to sudden temperature changes with a temperature difference of up to 150 ° C

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Tea & Coffee

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Promoters of health
Promoters of health

trendglas® in Jena

An outstanding glass base „Made in Germany“, certified quality, continued advancement of the technical and technological possibilities, as well as long-standing experience with heat resistant glass, guarantee high-quality finished products. We work exclusively with raw materials of the highest quality and only the most reliable partners. Borosilicate glass 3.3., exclusively made in Germany and the EU, is guaranteed to be in accordance with EU norms and regulations. Our glass is free from heavy metals and other toxic components and is therefore ideally suited for people with allergies due to its smooth and nonporous surface. Our articles are produced from machine-made base forms, ensuring ideal aesthetic and chemical-physical properties. The notably uniform wall thickness guarantees excellent thermodynamic properties, making it possible for the majority of our glass containers to come in direct contact with a heat source. The spouts and handles are manually attached by experienced glass blowers with great mechanical skill, providing all finished products with a high level of uniqueness. Production is ISO 9001 certified.