Teapot SIGN 1.2l with integrated tea warmer

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Capacity 1 milliliter
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The protected, novel design of this teapot in size 0.6l or 1.2l is brand new on the market. This compact tea maker with its firmly fused warmer is simple to use. The clearly visible tea candle, placed on a separate glass plate, brings a touch of romance on your table and in the modern design of the tea maker.

Product details

  • Glass lid and stainless steel strainer
  • Glass body:
    • heat resistant
    • dishwasher safe
    • microwaveable
  • Lid and glass saucer: soda lime glass

More details

Item number: 116019

Capacity: 1200 ml / 40.58 fl oz

Size (H|W|D): 
241 mm | 157 mm | 110 mm
9.5 in. | 6.2 in. | 4.3 in.

Availability: Available

Manufacturer: Trendglas Jena GmbH