Coffee maker BRASIL I - LA (8 cups)

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Preparation recommendation:

The best choice are the paper filter by Hario V60 - (Size) 3 and CHEMEX FC-100.

  1. Place the coffee filter in the glass filter and rinse out the entire filter with boiled water. The moistening enhances the retention forces on the walls and ensures that the coffee is filtered better and doesn't takes on the flavour of the filter.
  2. Fill in the ground coffee in the coffee filter, recommended are about 60 g of grounded coffee to 1 liter water.
  3. The first infusion: Pour about 100 ml of water in a circular motion over the ground coffee, so that all the coffee grounds are moistened.
  4. Wait for 1:30 minutes until the coffee is being saturated. This process is called "blooming".
  5. Now the remaining 900 ml can be added slowly. Pour in the water again in circles over the ground coffee. In the best case staying away from the filter on the edge, to avoid that the coffee tastes "papery".
  6. In 4 to 5 minutes the water should be passed through - done!

Product details

  • with laser perforated glass filter holder
  • heat resistant
  • dishwasher safe
  • microwaveable

More details

Item number: 123048

Capacity: 1200 ml / 40.58 fl oz

Size (H|W|D): 
256 mm | 150 mm | 165 mm
10.1 in. | 5.9 in. | 6.5 in.

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Manufacturer: Trendglas Jena GmbH