3T Coffee Server BARI X 1.3

€ 35.08 *
Capacity 1300 liter
Unit price €0.03 / liter
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An important goal in the development of the Bari X coffee server was to create a taste experience very close to the “Cupping” event in elegant roasting facility and coffeehouses. At the end of this development, there is a product now, whose application comes as close as possible to the professionals' technique. This provide baristas and sensible coffee consumers a tool which, by intensive oxygen enrichment, i.e. by spinning the coffee in the pot, constantly produces new aromas and acids. That makes the coffee more complex and shortens the waiting time.

When the coffee is ready, circle that pot in such a way, that the liquid spins counter-clockwise. Then the X-shaped marks in the pot will cause the coffee to be thrown, multiplying the surface area in contact with the air. The additional introduced oxygen does the rest and gradually changes the taste of the coffee.

Of course, the BARI X 1.3 can also be used with different coffee drippers then the Trendglas Drops Coffee Brewer.

Product details

  • incl. oxygenation diffusors
  • heat resistant
  • dishwasher safe
  • microwaveable

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