3T DROPS Coffee Brewer

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Capacity 1 milliliter
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The development of the Drops Coffee Brewer was interesting from that point of view, trying to create a brewer in which the coffee is brewed from the entire vertical of the coffee grounds, as far as possible. To do this, it is important that not only through the bottom but also the sides of the filter paper should flow with the right amount of coffee. State-of-the-art laser technology makes it possible to cut out the flow holes accurately and precisely in the exactly specified dimensions, thus ensuring the best possible outflowing area.

How to use this products:

When using the Drops Coffee Brewer, we recommend using good quality paper (e.g. Hario V60 - (Size)3 or CHEMEX FC-100). Dampen the paper with hot water, which will also rinse the coffee server at the same time and warm it. Put the usual amount coffee in the filter and prepare your coffee. We suggest for a first test: 450 milliliters of water to 30 grams of coffee, hot water 95°C (195 °F). Brewing time 03:30 min (includes 40 sec pre wetting with 80 ml water).

Product details

Glass filter holder

  • for 4-8 cups
  • for Coffee Server BARI X 1.3
  • for Coffee Maker BRASIL - LA
  • for BARI pour over LA
  • can also be used without bamboo adapter
  • heat resistant
  • dishwasher safe
  • microwaveable
  • delivery without bamboo adapter

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