Premium glass strainer, laser perforated

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Capacity 1 milliliter
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The precisely positioned and effective little holes in the new glass tea strainer enable you to use much less leaves. The smaller the tea leaves, the more striking the impact. The new premium tea strainer is the perfect choice if you would like to avoid using other materials when brewing you tea.

Not suitable for teapots:

  • NOVA+ 0.6l
  • THEO 0.6l
  • PRETTY TEA I, 0.5l
  • PRETTY TEA II, 0.5l
  • PISA 1.2l
  • SIGN 1.2l
  • SOLO
  • MORA

Product details

  • heat resistant
  • dishwasher safe
  • microwaveable
  • laser perforated

More details

Item number: 400224/400301

Capacity: n/a

Size (H|W|D): 
100 mm | 84 mm | 84 mm
3.9 in. | 3.3 in. | 3.3 in.

Availability: Available

Manufacturer: Trendglas Jena GmbH